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About Us

The organisation was established in January 2011. Rise Up To Shine was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee in June 2012 by Companies House.Rise Up To Shine currently provides a diverse range of services in the local communities including workshops, seminars and training.

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    We aim to make sure that fairness is present for all people in the community

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    We are open to everyone and are against any kind of discrimination and segragation

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    We aim to promote the concept of accountability amongst the community so the future generation will be more responsible

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    We want to promote loyalty in the community and want the youth of this particular generation to deeply understand this concept.

Inspired To change Project

Cooking Atelier: The Cooking Atelier was made up of 5 ateliers which include the breakfast atelier, the cake atelier, the nutritious sandwich atelier, the main meal preparation atelier and the fruits and vegetables atelier ( The salad bar, juicing and smoothies.) The cooking Atelier was a particularly well attended workshop with many children who engaged enthusiastically with cooking and food preparation activities. The primary aim was to focus on healthy cooking and avoiding salt and sugar in the diet. the aim was also to enable learning of the benefits of a balanced diet and healthy food.. We were honoured by the presence of Dr Sandrine Djoumessi who lecture the young audience about the Importance of Hand Washing.

Inspired To change Project

NUTRITION SEMINAR: One of the benefits of this workshop included the attendance of two nurses who undertook quick diagnostic tests on blood pressure and sugar monitoring on audience members who requested it. Some of the results for individuals indicated high levels which required further attention and monitoring. Therefore, those were encouraged to seek doctor advices.

Inspired To change Project

EDUCATION SEMINAR: The main aim of this workshop was to encourage the youth to value their education. It is said that education is power. So Rise Up To Shine wanted to empower our youth to grasp the importance of education and to make sure they maximise their potential.

Meet the team

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    Give the kids hope

    Give the kids hope

    Mrs Isabelle Freh CEO

    Mrs Isabelle Freh is the managing director of Rise Up To Shine and has a strong passion for helping the youth in the community.

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    The Mind is powerful

    "I like ancient to help"

    Miss Kianna Compton Volunteer

    I am a highly experienced team member with excellent communication and organisational skills acquired within the various busy working environments that I have had the opportunity to work in. Some of my key qualities are that I am assertive, confident, self-motivated, responsible, patient and hard-working.

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    Heal the world

    Dr Gail Louw Trustee

    Gail is an award winning playwright with plays performed both in the UK and across three continents in the USA, South Africa and Australia.

Clients said

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    Rise Up To Shine has been of a great help in the community and have impacted the lives of so many children in Cameroon. Her work in the schools was tremendous and we really appreciate all she has done.

    Sue Drummonds
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    The vast amount of effort put into this charity is by Isabelle. Although this may be excessive and she may find it too much, she is enormously enthusiastic about the charity and is keen to continue providing as much support as possible.

    John Langan

Our mission is Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Children

The idea of implementing and developing the charity RISE UP TO SHINE came to Isabelle Freh in 2011 after a visit to her homeland, Cameroon and specifically a visit to Nkolafamba School in Yaounde. She believed the enormous need for resources in the education system within the country, and initially that specific school, could be alleviated to some small extent by charitable activities in the UK.